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building The Choices We Make

January 10, 2011

Good Morning. I would like to introduce my dearest husband Caleb Crawford. Every Monday he will post part of a project he has been working on that we are calling “The Choices We Make”. Caleb has been involved in the sustainability movement for decades now and the way he lives is an inspiration and these lovely photoworks are as well. xo Annie

I rode my bike in to work today (although that is not surprising, I do it pretty much every day). What does this mean? As a family, we have only one car. The three mile round trip saves about two gallons of gas a month, which represents about 39 lbs of CO2, or about 465 lbs a year. There’s also the embodied energy in the car vs. the bike. Our Prius weighs about 3000 lbs; the bike weighs about 30 lbs or 1% of the weight of the car. According to one strange calculator, consumer goods can have the carbon footprint estimated by cost – about 1 lb of CO2 per dollar spent. My bike cost 400 lbs of CO2. Riding my bike saves its weight in CO2 annually (except when you factor in the CO2 footprint of the food I eat). Still, it beats the car by far and I get some exercise, so I live longer, I see more stuff and I have more money.

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