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April 8, 2011

I am seeking out work of friends teaching in design schools that have a huge an impact on young designers today. Today, I would like to introduce a project that Ernest Ng collaborated on in Buffalo before coming to MSU.

QuadSpace is a collaborative thesis project by four graduate designers to establish an academic research project as a full-scale construction to demonstrate possible academic efforts to revive derelict urban landscape in a typical American City like Buffalo, NY.  This project involved the four designers to engage themselves simultaneously as owners, designers, builders and occupants to prevent the demolition and subsequently revive and re-activate an existing domestic structure in the City of Buffalo, NY. 

The project re-evaluates the operations of architectural exercises within the academia and its role and relationship with the social, communal and economic environment that it is based within, and could be viewed as a possible new academic model to actively engage academic exercises with the realities of the neighborhood and community. In addition, this self-motivated and independently funded project attempts to challenge the perception of conventionally extensive domestic spatial needs within the concept of the ideal American home and domestic landscape, through re-defining and re-interpreting conventional building codes requirements for minimal living, as well as raise awareness for innovative attitudes towards the re-considering the banal within such an urban landscape.  



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