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building fresh blood

July 20, 2011

This morning I am going to introduce you to a dear friend Tami Wedekind who will be helping me out once a week this summer. Tami and I went to architecture school together and both seem to be practicing building (in many alternative ways) and looking. Enjoy!

I first came across Christy Matson when I heard her lecture at the Inspired Design Conference at The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design in North Carolina in 2009.  I saw amazing weavers from all over the world present their work.  This was not your grandmothers weaving. Christy Matson’s work combines weaving with sound technology. She pushes the handwork of weaving into the realm of technology and back to human touch to complete the experience.  Is the weaving wrapping the object or creating the space?  Is the weaving a new kind “wall” – or a new narrative for environments? Beautifully presented her weaving interacts with the body and pushes weaving into new realms.

post by Tami Wedekind

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