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new thinking, new building

July 10, 2012

I wanted to take some time to tell ya’ll what’s up with Chairs and Buildings.  Ever evolving you have noticed that Tami Wedekind is a regular on Wednesdays and Caleb Crawford holds a Friday slot with a new series Space of Food. I have embraced other formats- Pinterest and Twitter and wanted to explain why.

Pinterest although controversial is a great way to zone out and just do visuals. I sometimes use it to prep for a lecture,  last term it was fun to develop a PowerPoint with only beautiful images for a stair lecture for architectural detailing. I will use it at the very beginning for a project, for myself, to jump-start ideas. I have very strong stance about it being confused as a design tool; having a Pinterest board although satisfying is not design, it is shopping. I have a strong ego and imagination and frankly want to do better than any image presented. I actually am pretty careful to only pin things that have a clear credit noted. Also I did get a mockup of a furniture portfolio done which is nice.

Twitter has confused me for years, I could never figure out why anyone would care about want I said in an instant but I signed on and am enjoying the immediate information that is provided.  I like just tossing out links and images that others might enjoy. So were the language is sort of young and amateurish the activity is freeing.

So, have a look, please let us know what you think-follow me @AnnieCoggan on Twitter and find me on Pinterest. Best, Annie

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