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sound building

October 9, 2012

Route 1 Saturday traffic brought on a historic house binge this weekend. My right turn into the charming village of Wiscasset, Maine brought an array of ideas and concepts that have been turning around in my head. The Musical Wonder House is a museum of music boxes ranging from the 1850’s to the advent of the phonograph.  This is not my area of interest but I wanted to see inside the house and I was fascinated by the fact that the house was chosen by the founder of the museum in the 50″s because it had no central heating and many rooms. This meant that the wooden music boxes would not suffer shifts in temperature therefore remaining in good working order.

The other thing that was of interest as a designer is how to design for a collection. The tour goes chronologically through the invention of music boxes and where the first are charming but when the docent finally cranked up the Edison Talking Machine and Edison’s voice came out I got chills, I wanted to tweet it!

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