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girl space 3

December 15, 2012

annvil girl space

This is one of those projects that I found on the way to researching another projects. I thought I was going to post about the elegant and well received office project for the Latvia based Annvil interior design studio. Its been published a lot this week and where I loved the work, going deep into Anna Butele’s web site garnered some great finds. This “children’s room” project is terrific. As if Pippi Longstockings designed it. We have been looking at a number of spaces for girls or designed for girls and many don’t have that played in look that this one does-and is it for a girl or a boy? Who cares, well done.

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  1. Sara permalink
    December 16, 2012 4:38 am

    this is a handsome young space. What makes a space young? exuberance instead of calm? I have some exuberant vintage wallpaper waiting (not holding its’ breath) for a vivacious front hall I want to do. The rest of my (imaginary) house will be more subtle, with of course outbursts of personality that cannot be avoided. Home, as it were. As you say, played in.

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