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building American in Paris

January 29, 2013

versailles 1

One last Paris note. I felt that I understood the complex nature of Thomas Jefferson’s and Benjamin Franklin’s deep love for France and for this country. Looking outside the windows of the Lourve and Versailles on dim snowy days made me see their idea that all people deserve the vistas and expanses that these places in the world had sculpted. They aspired to an ordered beauty and a democratic definition of space, France had illustrated the potential and these men believed in the aspiration.

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  1. Sara permalink
    January 29, 2013 9:57 pm

    beautiful photo, and the endearing cart or tour car in the front is a reminder of a different era. I recall knowing the descendants of an area or twos ‘original’ farm or ranch residence (just as in the movie), who grew up riding horses in areas now ‘democratized’ with fences. Even college campuses are not recognizable from their original visions. All for better or worse. Bittersweet, we all deserve to be ‘here.’ And hopefully there is appreciation commensurate with the vistas we have at hand.

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