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February 8, 2013


I try not to post things that I have not seen but with a pending snow storm this weekend I will promote rather than postpone. This very evocative image from the installation and performance of the Harrison Atelier’s work  along with choreographer Silas Riener has got me thinking. If you are not snow bound this might be a treat at Invisible Dog in Brooklyn.


So this is why I like to post things I have seen. Because the actually does excite…..I popped into Invisible Dog yesterday to get a peek at this install. So many things came to mind. One the visualization of the Mathew Barney aesthetic coming into the dance and architecture world is fascinating, two the almost medieval use of the motif (this time a snout or apple donut shape).  The very rigorous composition of all the elements in the space, film work, piggy heard table, walls of floating motifs. The way that you really feel the dancers are missing….my thought was “they would walk through this brilliantly..” I use these descriptive terms in the most amorous way…..I think the install has marks of brilliance and I will go out of my way to see the next work of this collaboration.

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