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building The Force

April 29, 2013

StarWars Blueprints2

From Benjamin

Even if you’re not an aficionado of all six of the “Star Wars” movies, (and I confess, I’ve only ever seen the very first one, released in 1977), a new book documenting the making of the series may be worth the trip to Amazon. Aptly entitled “Star Wars: The Blueprints”   the book reproduces many of the technical working drawings – the early ones of which are clearly hand-drawn, that were made to build the elaborately articulated worlds of all six of these much beloved films.

While the plentiful machinery, costumes and gizmos were richly detailed for the camera, it’s great to learn from the ample commentary included all sort of fun, behind-the-scenes info.  For instance, when the first film (later retitled “Episode IV”) was made, before anyone could know the cult status the future held, such (eventually iconic) set-pieces as Hans Solo’s “Millenium Falcon” aircraft was only half-built, in order to fit on the studio stage; only for the second episode was it finally built to a level of completion (above, center). The design for Artoo-Detoo had to be fabricated in pieces so as to be built on-set around actor Kenny Baker, (above, left).  And am I alone in seeing in the drawings for the “Galaxy”, (above-right), shades of The Cenotaph for Sir Isaac Newton by Étienne-Louis Boullée?  Fascinating!

Now that I’ve seen some of the creativity lavished on the making of these films, I may have to catch up via Netflix.  And Disney Studios just announced it plans, starting in 2015, to release a new “Star Wars” movie every year.    May the ingenuity be with them.


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  1. May 6, 2013 11:32 am

    this should have been posted on May 4th. (Star Wars day – “May the fourth be with you”)

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