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building “FOOD”

May 13, 2013


From Benjamin

Today is the last day of the Frieze Art Fair on New York’s Randall Island. So this is your last chance to step in to a tribute pavilion devoted to “FOOD” the chic, Soho restaurant, started by artists Carol Gooden and Gordon Matta-Clark in 1971. If you can’t make it to the fair, you can see the original place in the beginning of the the 1978 classic “An Unmarried Woman”, when our heroine, Jill Clayburgh, meets her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Michael Murphy, for lunch, and discusses their beach rental, (and then loses that lunch around the corner on Broome Street).  This was one of the first restaurants where a daily, changing, chalkboard-menu of upscale health food (duck gumbo, marinated chic peas, carrot juice), was served cafeteria-style, from an open kitchen to a mixed crowd of artists and upper-middle class, camelhair-coat wearing gallerists, back in the old days when Soho wasn’t an outdoor mall for tourists.

But don’t bother trying to find the place now. While the landmarked building is still there, on the northeast corner of Prince & Wooster Streets, the big, operable, wood-framed, double-hung window is now a fixed display for the Lucky Brand clothing chain.  Rent the movie instead.

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