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building gossamer

May 27, 2013

AsawaComp2 (2)From Benjamin

Prompted by Tami’s May 17 post  I enjoyed a rainy Friday alone at Christie’s Rockefeller Center 20th fl.  gallery  with the aptly titled exhibit “Objects & Apparitions” of artist Ruth Asawa

The 48 pieces of wire sculpture & graphic works on paper were joined by a slew of photos of the artist at work at home, taken by her friend Imogen Cunningham, along with a number of pieces designed by others, like her wedding ring made by colleague Mary Joe Slick to a design by architect Buckminster Fuller who, along with Josef & Anni Albers were her mentors at the intense but short-lived, N.Carolina, Black Mountain College.

Volumes are expressed by lines; solids made diaphanous. Lyrical, abstract, & meticulously crafted, the forms on show surprisingly were inspired by the very mundane: “My curiosity was aroused by the idea of giving structural form to the images in my drawings. These…came from observing plants, the spiral of a shell of a snail, seeing light through transparant insect wings, spiders weaving webs in the early morning, and droplets of water suspended from the tips of pine needles while watering my garden”. – Asawa

If ever such fleeting & vaporous sights could be captured with their illusory qualities intact, Asawa’s work has achieved it.
On view through May 31 at 1230 Sixth Avenue.

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