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building by sound

June 3, 2013


From Benjamin

Just opened, and running through June 16th, artist Garson Yu’s new installation work The Interactive New York (T.I.N.Y.) is the first in a series of site-specific artworks to be located on  Pier 57 in NYC this summer.

Yu is known mostly for his work as a title designer for TV & movies  (responsible, with his LA-based firm Yu+Co  for such varied openings as “Desperate Housewives”  and the recent “Life of Pi”).  Appropriately, the work makes use of images – video projected onto the sides of shipping containers – that are controlled, interactively, by sound (and helped along by a couple of very powerful computer servers). By equipping each container with its own microphone, Yu invites the viewer to control portions of the projected video by changing the frequency or speed of sounds they bring. Depending on what the visitor does or says, the film might back-up or move forward; by sudden repeated enunciation, a laser beam might “shoot” a flying bird; the image of a girl’s lips can be distorted by the modulated pitch of a viewer’s voice.

As the images being projected were collected from around the City, and are controlled in uniquely changing ways by the New Yorkers visiting them, the resulting
collage promises to move – and be moved by – The Interactive New York.  Open & ready daily 9am-7pm.

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  1. June 3, 2013 4:17 pm

    This looks awesome – I look forward to the piece for July! Add it to the list…

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