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June 13, 2013

marsaille image

The room that design aficionados were excited to see the  North Delegates Lounge at the UN. The Architecture of the room was revamped to an uncharacteristically subtle effect by Rem Koohaus. Koolhaus gave the tapestry wall a aluminum finish and liberated the tapestry collection from the surface, he elegantly added two Cartesian bars (a bar shape for the bar)UN lounge on either side of the tube shaped room and then basically left the rest to the great Hella Jongerius.  Jongerius added a Dutch program of furnishing that hadn’t quite found there landing spot on the visit last week, but I think it will come when the room is inhabited more frequently. Her great success was the simple ceramic bead drapery that ends the tube at the east wall, it seemed to be a love letter to the urban skyline, lovely.

bead curtain composite

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