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building violation

June 17, 2013

curutchet house 1

From Benjamin

Continuing on the exhaustive Le Corbusier exhibit mounted by MoMA in NY:

Last week we drew on Corb’s planning talents finding their way to a famous film.  This week, we move to the smaller scale of a single building as seen in a not-so-famous film. The black comedy, The Man Next Door (“El hombre de al lado”) [2009] features Corb’s 1949 Curutchet House – his only built residence in the Americas – in La Plata, Argentina.

Fulfilling 4 out of Corb’s  5 central principles of design, the house plays a major role in a story about the war of nerves between an upper-middle class home-owner who knows he’s living in a design masterpiece, and his less acculturated neighbor, initiating
work on an architecturally unsympathetic new opening in an adjoining wall.  Whether or not most of the film’s audience would be familiar with Corb’s revolutionary insistence that the suffocating lives of ordinary people, dominated as they were by the weight of history and irrelevant aesthetic dogma, could be liberated by a new architecture full of light and air, in the film’s comically fitting irony, the house is owned and its integrity protected by a bourgeois aesthete waging a battle of wills against a low-brow working-man who wants to install… a window.     DVD availability date unknown.

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