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building a new “- ism”

June 27, 2013

2013-06 NEW SCULPUTALISM 4 From Tami

There’s a new exhibit at MOCA: “MY NAME IS ERIC MOSS!”… “MY NAME IS THOM MAYNE!” “MY NAME IS MICHAEL MALTZAN!”,  the exhibitors’ (recorded) voices boom throughout the space.

The exhibit – A New Sculpturalism – finally opened this past week after nearly being shelved by Frank Gehry’s disgruntled withdrawal in May.  It became a precarious proposition for MOCA when the grandfather of the “-ism” they were trying to launch – quits in protest  “concerned the handling of his own work would be a ‘trivialization’ ”.   Gehry ultimately returned, allowing the show to go on and legitimizing all others included.

His objections to having his work included in a show that reduced his architecture to a “simplistic” idea of “sculpturalism” can be heard here in Frances Andertons’ interview with Mr. Gehry.

The curator seems to feel he had to give it a catchy name in order to get the art going public into an art gallery to view architectural models.  Any new self proclaimed “-ism” is bound to raise hackles.

So – as Thom Mayne states in his interview with Frances Anderton –  LA architects are the “…exporters of intellectual creative capitol…” –

Feels a bit preachy – as did the exhibit and the voices booming from on high.

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