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building expectation

July 23, 2013


From Benjamin

Oldboy, the 2003 Grand Prix winner at Cannes from South Korea, has been remade by director Spike Lee and will be released in October. The new film moves the action from Seoul to New Orleans, and it appears from the trailer that some key motivations of the plot have been shifted around. It’s also clear that a few direct nods are made in the visuals, but it’d be difficult to improve on the original, very beautiful, thriller.

For the story of an ordinary man held prisoner for 15 years before being released and taunted by his kidnappers to solve the mystery of his ordeal, director Chan-wook Park & his cinematographer, Chung-hoon Chung framed the action in images that oscillate from the claustrophobic to the expansive, from the gritty to the deluxe, and from blanched to saturated. The swinging in and out, though, is not just a stylistic contrivance, but a structural component to move the narrative and convey the vertiginous experience – both physical and emotional – of the protagonist as he unwraps, and is unraveled by, his enigma.

Whether the new film will have as its crux such a visceral purpose as the first one did, remains to be seen. Not since the viewing of Run Lola Run, though, has watching from a fixed position been this much of a ride.

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