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building weaving

September 20, 2013

building weaving

From Tami

If an already famous male artist in the art world decides to use a certain medium – Who is an art dealer to quibble?  Apparently “Tapestry” is a dirty word that even the likes of Chuck Close has trouble getting his dealers to sell. “The dirtiest word in the art world is ‘craft,’” Chuck Close said. Or maybe its because weaving has been a traditional activity of women over the centuries.  Either  way – weaving can’t make it to the big time. Another artist working in fiber, Lia Cook,has recently used her work on the loom to explore the neurological reactions to a weaving (“…more body awareness and low-level emotional reactivity to the weaving.” vs. a photograph or painting of the same image)  Hmmm, the voodoo of women and their mysterious work continues to disconcert.

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