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building nomad

October 11, 2013

nomad image

From Tami

Li Edelkoort says – textiles are the new interior.  We are nomads wandering with our laptops taking our interiors (textiles) with us.  Textiles trigger emotions, textles trigger memories. Maxine Bristows “Back Rests” are haunting me. (on right) Can I take that back rest with me? Can I use it? Or is it just the language of something I used to use.  Or is the future of an old language?  LOVE BOAT by Bokja from her MIGRATION STORIES (on left) piles all our memories of well worn textiles and straps them up to go for the nomad. (purchased by Edelkoort)  “Love Boat” deals with nostalgia and conjures up refugees.  Bristows piece feel like the future – something I might find at the Hong Kong airport – to recline against with my laptop.

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