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building (with) light

November 15, 2013

2013-11-14 Turrell

From Tami

This weekend I experienced James Turrells “Perceptual Cell and Dark Matters” as part of his retrospective currently on view at LACMA.  For the Perceptual Cell you are slid into a sphere on a tray – with headphones filling your head with meditative frequencies, the visuals of solid changing color have no beginning and no end. Dark Matters is a room where you are immersed in total darkness. You are only allowed in this part of the exhibit within a half hour of experiencing the Perceptual Cell.  I was left me feeling my perceptions of light and space had really been altered.  As I walked outside – “looking” at “space” felt different. As a creative person and architect – perhaps hyper attuned to constructing “spaces” as I move through life – my brain had had a brief respite from its usual overdrive state.  I left wishing I could immerse myself in this “Cell” on a regular basis – a light massage for my brain.

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