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December 2, 2013


From Benjamin

Though she’s clear to describe herself as a designer, it’s not hard to believe that Hella Jongerius began her career in carpentry. Whether in her installations or the objects she designs for them, the process of making is as much a visibly important factor as the often more ethereal or abstract themes in her work. This new material, coming to the Design Miami show courtesy of the Paris Galerie Kreo is exciting as much for what it doesn’t do, as it is for what it does: What it does is make the erstwhile, functional object,”table”, a fun and physical essay – in color, (primary, secondary & tertiary), texture, (slick & careful), and material (tinted, translucent layers of resin). What it doesn’t do is hit you over the head with what might have been a very heavy object: dense in conceptual inquiry (utility or delight?), thick in unfulfilled opportunity (so many more iterations possible!).  At the end of design, though, what matters most is problem-solving. And after all the visceral & intellectual amusement, this table stand up.

(From Dec 4 – 8 in Miami)

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