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form building

January 11, 2014


Those of you that have read Chairs and Buildings for years (yes it’s been years) know that I am exceedingly interested in work that changes the social form of art and design. I have told my students that I think the days of the gallery as a cultural catalyst is over and new forms of sharing work, ie the art incubator and the residency are the ways for community and work  to move forward. This small but insightful project by artists comrades Sara Jones, Andrea Wenglowskyj and Leah Gauthier  illustrates this point. This small suitcase encompasses 20 American artist’s work and is currently traveling all over the United States to exhibit these works to under served communities. I love the idea that these works might not be on a WALL when being viewed, they might be held, discussed and carefully passed around. I say a new visceral way to view art and design is in the works.

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  1. January 13, 2014 1:45 pm

    of course Marcel Duchamp did this 60 0r 70 years ago. there is a distinction though. Duchamp was hawking his own work and making a commentary on industrial mass production. this project is doing something else: it is putting forward the work of a range of artists; it is not putting their work forward as commercial promotion; and it is serving to educate a broader public in the issues of contemporary art.

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