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January 13, 2014

1000 lights comp

From Benjamin

Art-book powerhouse Taschen hardly needs help shilling their wares. And there are undoubtedly lesser known editors from smaller venues with worthy theses to celebrate. But one of the perks of such a prestige publisher is having at its disposal actual scholarship to justify the supreme production value they’re known for. And now they’ve gone and done it again – produced a comprehensive, historical, stylistic survey of icons of industrial design, supported by a thorough academic introduction. This time it’s “1000 Lights” by Charlotte & Peter Fiell, previously responsible for the popular “1000 Chairs”.  Though the small size begs to be doubled, it may help to make this slick compendium of 20th century light fixtures accessible for purchase even to grad students and starving architects – the ostensible audience for a book built more as a reference tool than for coffee-table display. For shear breadth of the index it’s worth buying. And if you just want to soak in some creative inspiration from the design geniuses of our age, a good half hour will be well spent in the aisles of the Strand on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

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