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February 24, 2014


From Benjamin

In communist Poland, film poster design was one of a few art forms free of state censorship, giving artists a platform to sneak in subversive commentary. American Westerns, with their open spaces, tall hats and braying horses, provided particularly potent imagery to critique the violence of the Soviet-backed regime. Now on at the Denver Art Museum is a show of 28 of these posters from the 1950s-80s, which give new meaning to familiar titles, and slyly incriminate an oppressive government with loaded symbols. (The guns shown in the poster for “Cat-Ballou” is a German WWII Walther Pistol, not a “six shooter”. And the horse shown for “The Misfits” alludes directly to Picasso’s anti-war masterpiece, Guernica). If you can catch it, Rebranded: Polish Film Posters for the American Western is up & running through June 1.

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