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building sets

March 9, 2014


From Tami

Every year I must watch the Oscars.  And every year it disappoints.  Except this year.  For me it is a local event happening steps from my home that the whole world watches with me. Alright I could have done without the ode to The Wizard of Oz (“Hi Whoopie”), but on the whole it finally came together. While Ellen provided her original brand of levity and made the show current – my eye is always on the sets in the back ground.  For the 2nd year running production designer Derek McLane worked his magic.The light bulbs in the circles were remniscient of old movie set lighting or marquees and I thought added a modern retro touch –  but the Swarovski crystal curtains stole the show. Swarovski crystals are used by everyone from Bouroullec to Rodarte – so McLane is in good company.  McLane reinstated last years 80 ft. by 40 ft. crystal curtain and added six “swag drapes” created especially for this year’s ceremony by Swarovski technicians using over 100,000 lead glass crystals. Only after the announcement of Frozen’s nomination did McLane know how he would work the “swag drapes” into the show. Thousands of hours are put into the set pieces and production – we all tune in for a few hours -and thats it – it all comes down.  I don’t know if thats prudent in these troubled times, but for a couple of hours this year…it made me “Happy”…


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