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accommodation building

March 10, 2014

Gorlitzer comp

From Benjamin

Wes Anderson  is back again, with the Grand Budapest Hotel. While his artifice and attention to detail are no secret, his flexibility & economy are less obvious. To portray the exteriors of the of his fictional, Northern European deluxe resort, a meticulous scale model was constructed. But for all the extensive live action in the elaborate interiors of his title character, Art Nouveau resort, he and his production designer Adam Stockhausen found the towering and abandoned Görlitzer Warenhaus (Department Store) in Eastern Germany, and put it to its first use since its decommissioning in 2010.  Built in the Jugendstil, its taught lines, restrained organicsm, arcaded spaces, enormous chandelier and majestic stairway serve perfectly the byzantine plot, arch performances and affectionate nostalgia that chacterize all of Anderson’s movies. The story itself – with slapstick chases & breakneck paces – may be a silly contrivance of secondary importance. But that’s not to say it’s not worth the trip.

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