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March 13, 2014

Diane von furstenbergFrom Tami

This week I stumbled on the exhibit of Diane von Furstenberg’s Celebration of 40 Years of the Wrap Dress. Diane von Furstenberg was just 26 years old when she created the wrap dress.  “Feel like a Woman, Wear a dress!” became her catch phrase – and wear it they did…a symbol of new found female power and femininity, it was worn by women around the world.  Fittingly, DVF owes her own power and independence to the dress.  It’s popularity came as a surprise to her – but she says “it paid for my children’s education”.  The web site asks women to share their Wrap stories.  My wrap story is that when I entered the show, and saw the dress shown front and center here in my photo it instantly sent a wave of familiarity.  I realized it was part of my mom’s wardrobe in the seventies.  Indeed, she confirmed she owned that one – and three others.

Through April 1st at the May Co. Building in LA.

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