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March 24, 2014

indiscreetCompFrom Benjamin

“Indiscreet”, director Stanley Donen’s elegant 1958 trifle of a romantic comedy, features Ingrid Bergman as an accomplished stage actress thrust into an affair with the possibly married, NATO economist Cary Grant. While the characters are beautiful, polished & famous, they are also shown to be normal, open and approachable. As though to offset the hard-to-believe ordinariness of the players, the sets & costumes are as opulent, colorful & urbane as any of us would hope and expect these people to deserve. Of particular note in Bergman’s London flat is the expensive looking, rather neutrally hued furniture, enlivened by bright & saturated multi-colored pillows and salon-style picture matting, along with (real) paintings by Picasso, Roualt, John Piper and Raoul Dufy, all in rooms that are subtly articulated with lightly stained, but Baroquely shaped mouldings, casings and trim. Gowns and outfits are by Christian Dior. So while the pacing and plot are the movie equivalent of easy listening, the visuals are a fully orchestrated concert well worth attending. Art Direction by Donald M. Ashton, Set Design John Graysmark.

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