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New Building!

April 22, 2014

chairs highline

Dear Chairs and Buildings Readers,

I am happy to announce that Chairs and Building is undergoing a redesign to be launched in June 2014.

The new format will introduce long-form articles based on intriguing ideas emerging from my studio work, teaching, and writing practice. I look forward to publishing this increasingly focused Chairs and Buildings content, along with other talented guest contributors, in order to delve deeper into important themes we have been exploring since 2007. Chairs and Building will continue to be a place for design ideas and “furniture thinking”; this new format will enable us to create an innovative dialogue with each topic that we discover.

Chairs and Buildings’ life over the past seven years has been amazing thanks to you– the support and insight of its readers and contributors. It has been a place of inspiration and discussion where I hope your work and ideas have grown as much as mine.

I would especially like to thank Chairs and Buildings authors Tami Wedekind and Benjamin Marcus who have helped to enliven the debate. They will continue to be a core component of Chairs and Buildings and in the meantime, follow them on Twitter @wedekindworks and @BenjaminRMarcus to see what they are up to.

To be alerted of our new redesigned issue in early June, please sign up for the Chairs and Building newsletter. And you can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

I hope that the new Chairs and Buildings will continue to be a hub for our strong and insightful community and will launch new ways of thinking and action in a design context. Thank you for your engagement and ideas, and stay tuned for June!


Annie Coggan

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